Policy regarding sessions and semi-sessions

Students enrolled in a Session (16 weekly lessons) or a Semi-Session (8 weekly lessons) are expected to attend one lesson per week (unless agreed otherwise during the registration process). As such, a student enrolled in a Session must complete all their lessons within sixteen weeks (or four months) and a student enrolled in a Semi-Session must complete all their lessons within eight weeks (two months). For custom sessions (i.e. sessions not part of our standard number of eight or sixteen lessons), students are expected to complete their lessons within as many weeks as there are lessons in their custom session. Exceptions are made only to students whose lesson(s) falls on a statutory holiday, in which case the lesson completion period can be extended since make-up lessons are not required for statutory holidays.

Policy regarding missed lessons & make-up lessons*

If a student is unable to attend their regularly-scheduled lesson for whatever reason, we require to be informed of this by 1 p.m. on the day of the lesson for weekday lessons and by 10:00 p.m. on the day before the lesson for weekend lessons. This cut-off time is necessary to give us enough time to notify teachers of any changes to their schedule. Parents/students can inform us they will be missing a lesson by sending us an email (info@dacapomusic.ca), leaving a voicemail message (416.237.9595), or speaking to a receptionist directly. Provided we are given timely notice, a make-up lesson will be scheduled for the student. Please note that make-up lessons are scheduled to a day and time different from the student’s regularly-scheduled lesson and often with a different teacher. Important: students are required to complete their make-up lesson within two weeks of the missed lesson, otherwise the missed lesson will be counted. If parents/students fail to inform the school of a missed lesson by the aforementioned cut-off times, the school is not required to offer a make-up lesson and the lesson will be counted (exceptions can be made in extraordinary or emergency situations).

Policy regarding lateness

It is the student’s responsibility to arrive for their lessons on time. Teachers are often unable and are not required to extend lesson time for a late student since they normally have another student scheduled right after. If a teacher is late for whatever reason, the time by which he/she is late will be added to a student’s future lesson.

Policy regarding bad weather

If a student cannot attend their lesson due to inclement weather (i.e. snow storm, heavy rain), a make-up lesson will be scheduled for the student.

Policy regarding vacations

If you plan to go on vacation, please inform us as soon as possible, at least a week in advance. In most cases, we are able to put a student’s lessons on hold until they return from their vacation.

Policy regarding a sick teacher

If a teacher calls in sick, students will be provided with a substitute teacher for their lessons. This also applies if a teacher is on vacation.

Policy regarding early withdrawal/refunds

If a student decides to withdraw from lessons in the middle of their session, a refund will be issued in the amount of the cost of the remaining classes minus a $25 administration fee. Refunds will be issued in the form of an e-transfer.