Famous Actors Who Can Play the Piano


You know them for their acting skills, but you probably didn’t know that these famous actors could also impress you on the piano! Here is our list of the top 5 actors who can play the piano! (ordered by age, not skill level)

Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock photo
Photo by Steve Granitz

Born to a mother who was both an opera singer and a vocal
instructor, it is hardly surprising that Sandra Bullock began learning both singing and piano as a child. Although her parents hoped for their daughter to have a career in music – we are sure they aren’t disappointed with how she turned out! Bullock has shown off her piano skills in several TV shows and movies, like “The Net”.

Hugh Laurie

hugh laurie photo
Photo by Kathy Hutchins

“Dr. House”, aka Hugh Laurie, began piano lessons at the age of six. He is also quite a good singer and has displayed both of these talents in many of his productions as an actor, like the show “A Bit of Fry & Laurie”. And just to show you how serious Laurie is about music: he has actually released two of this own studio albums: “Let Them Talk” (2011) and “Didn’t It Rain” (2013). Impressive, Hugh!

Click here to see Hugh Laurie in show off his piano and vocal talents.

Richard Gere

Turns out the star of “Pretty Woman” and “An Officer and a Gentleman” has quite a musical vein in him! Not only can he play the piano, but also the guitar and trumpet! In high school, Gere even used to write his own music for various stage productions. Interesting fact: in the piano scene from “Pretty Woman”, Gere is actually playing his own composition!

Anthony Hopkins

anthony hopkins photo
We know Anthony Hopkins a talented actor, but his first passion was actually music. In fact, his dream as a child was to become a composer! Hopkins began piano lessons as a child, often preferring to play it instead of doing his school work. Today, Hopkins also does a bit of composing and often posts Instagram videos of himself playing the piano for his cat, Niblo.

Click here to see Sir Anthony Hopkins play piano at his home with his cat, Niblo

Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood photo
Like Anthony Hopkins – Clint Eastwood also originally envisioned a career in music for himself. He started learning the piano early on and has always been especially passionate about jazz, country, and western music. After he became established as an actor, he was able to return to his love for music by composing scores for films such as “Mystic River” and “Million Dollar Baby”, among others. 

Watch Clint Eastwood play some blues on live stage:

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