How to Build a Chromatic Scale

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Introduction A chromatic scale is a scale made up of 12 different notes separated by half-steps (or semitones). The 13th note is a repetition of the 1st note, an octave apart. On the piano keyboard, if you start on any key …

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How to Build a Melodic Minor Scale

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INTRODUCTION The melodic minor scale is one of the three minor scales we have in music (the others being the natural minor and harmonic minor).  One way it is different from the two other minor scales is that it uses different …

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Easy Clementi Sonatinas (piano)

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Introduction Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) was an influential Italian pianist, composer, teacher, editor, and music publisher. His musical output had an important influence on many future generations of musicians and composers, including Beethoven and Chopin. The sonatinas presented here are a …

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The 3 Easiest Chopin Nocturnes (piano)

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Introduction Chopin is known to have written a total of 21 nocturnes, 18 of which were published during his lifetime and 3 posthumously. Today, his nocturnes are held in very high regard among musicians and continue to enjoy widespread popularity …

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How to raise a musical child

Introduction: The Benefits of Music Having searched for this topic, you probably already know and appreciate the benefits that music education can offer, especially to young children with an actively-developing brain. Some examples of such benefits include stronger connections between …

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