How to write a tie in music (music notation)

Introduction This article assumes that you are already familiar with what a tie is and its function in music. The focus here will be to highlight the rules surrounding the correct way to write ties in music notation. This might …

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The 3 Easiest Mozart Sonatas (piano)

easy mozart sonatas cover

Introduction Let’s begin with a disclaimer – there is no such thing as an easy Mozart sonata (or even an easy sonata for that matter, which are by their nature complex, multi-movement works). That being said, it doesn’t mean that …

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What is a pickup measure in music (and how it works)

pickup measures cover

Introduction If you’ve ever read sheet music, you’ve undoubtedly come across a pickup measure (aka anacrusis/upbeat/incomplete measure). And while you may have a general idea of what these are all about, perhaps you still have some unanswered questions about them …

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The 3 Easiest Chopin Waltzes (piano)

easy chopin waltzes cover

Introduction Although Chopin is known to have written a total of about 20 waltzes, most of them require a pre-advanced to advanced mastery of the piano to be able to perform comfortably. Luckily, there are 3 that are easier than …

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An Illustrated Guide to Child Guitar Sizes

child guitar sizes cover

Introduction If your child is about to start guitar lessons, you might wonder what the right guitar size for them is, given all the available options. This guide is designed to help you answer this question, with lots of other …

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Online vs. In-Person Music Lessons

lesson formats cover photo

Introduction Like it or not, online learning is the new reality for millions of people around the world – and it’s here to stay! Music lessons have certainly not escaped this new trend, but the question many music teachers, students, …

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Tips for Adult Piano Students

adult learning the piano

Quick Navigation Menu 1. Introduction 2. The myth 3. Advantages to learning piano as an adult 4. Five success tips for adult piano learners 5. Recommended piano books for adult beginners Introduction Sure, starting to learn piano as a child …

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