Can you skip RCM levels?

The short answer Yes, RCM allows students to skip level exams, but think carefully about your reason for wanting to do this. The fact is, there are no short-cuts for developing proper technique at your instrument and a proper understanding …

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Best Age to Start Music Lessons

best age to start music lessons cover

Introduction This is a question that all parents who want to get their little ones involved in music ask themselves at one point or another. Being a music school, you can imagine that we have come across this question on …

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Scale Fingering for Piano

scale fingering for piano

Introduction Scales and scale fingering can seem daunting to students starting out on the piano. But if we take a broad look at all piano scales, we discover that all scale fingering falls into one of only three patterns. Once …

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How to write a tie in music (music notation)

example of a tie in music

Introduction This article assumes that you are already familiar with what a tie is and its function in music. The focus here will be to highlight the rules surrounding the correct way to write ties in music notation. This might …

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The 3 Easiest Mozart Sonatas (piano)

easy mozart sonatas cover

Introduction Let’s begin with a disclaimer – there is no such thing as an easy Mozart sonata (or even an easy sonata for that matter, which are by their nature complex, multi-movement works). That being said, it doesn’t mean that …

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What is a pickup measure in music (and how it works)

Introduction If you’ve ever read sheet music, you’ve undoubtedly come across a pickup measure (aka anacrusis/upbeat/incomplete measure). And while you may have a general idea of what these are all about, perhaps you still have some unanswered questions about them …

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