How to raise a musical child

Introduction: The Benefits of Music Having searched for this topic, you probably already know and appreciate the benefits that music education can offer, especially to young children with an actively-developing brain. Some examples of such benefits include stronger connections between …

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Easy sonatinas for piano students

easy sonatinas for piano students cover image

Introduction: the “Sonatina” A sonatina is a musical composition resembling a mini-sonata. Where a sonata is considered a sophisticated and relatively complex piece of music, a sonatina is a lot shorter, lighter in character, and less technically-demanding. In fact, composers …

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Famous Canadian Pianists

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Overview Over the years, Canada has produced its own share of pianistic talent. While some of these pianists have managed to gain world-wide fame and leave a lasting legacy in the world of music, others are still relatively young and …

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What is a trill and how to play it (piano)

what is a trill featured image

Introduction A trill is one of the most common musical ornaments and can sound beautiful when done well. If you are not confident about your understanding of what a trill is or how to play it correctly, look no further. …

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Was Chopin a good pianist?

was chopin a good pianist featured image

Introduction Most people know of Chopin as the famous Romantic-era composer, but what about Chopin the pianist? Just how good was he at the piano and what were perhaps some peculiarities of his piano playing? Because there was no sound-recording …

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The 3 Easiest Beethoven Sonatas (piano)

easy beethoven sonatas cover photo

Introduction Let’s get something straight – when we talk about “easy” Beethoven sonatas, we are of course talking about easy relative the rest of his sonatas, of which he is known to have written about 32. The first two sonatas …

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Can you skip RCM levels?

can you skip rcm levels cover image

The short answer Yes, RCM allows students to skip level exams, but think carefully about your reason for wanting to do this. The fact is, there are no short-cuts for developing proper technique at your instrument and a proper understanding …

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