Tips for Adult Piano Students

adult learning the piano

Quick Navigation Menu 1. Introduction2. The myth3. Advantages to learning piano as an adult4. Five success tips for adult piano learners5. Recommended piano books for adult beginners Introduction Sure, starting to learn piano as a child may have its benefits, …

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6 Signs Your Child is Musically Gifted

musically gifted cover

INTRODUCTION If you are a parent wondering if your child is musically gifted, this is the article for you. We have put together six of the most important and reliable signs of innate musical talent in children. But keep in …

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Famous Actors Who Can Play the Piano

hugh laurie photo

Overview You know them for their acting skills, but you probably didn’t know that these famous actors could also impress you on the piano! Here is our list of the top 5 actors who can play the piano! (ordered by …

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Famous Musicians from Toronto

cover photo - the weeknd

Overview Being the most populous city and metropolitan area in Canada, Toronto (and the GTA) is almost destined to produce all sorts of talented individuals. In this article we will take a look at some of this city’s most valuable …

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How to Build a Harmonic Minor Scale

Introduction The harmonic minor scale is arguably the most popular of the three minor scales (the others being the natural minor and melodic minor). It is pleasing to the ear but at the same time has a certain melancholic quality, as …

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How to Build a Natural Minor Scale

build a natural minor scale featured image

Introduction The natural minor scale is one of three minor scales (the others being the harmonic minor and melodic minor). Although not as common as the other two, it is extremely useful to know, at the very least because it …

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How to Build a Major Scale

build a major scale featured image

Introduction The major scale is one the most widely-used scales in music and certainly one that every musician should know. Like other scales, it follows a particular pattern (i.e. formula) of whole steps and half steps, which is what gives …

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