Famous Bands from Toronto

famous toronto bands cover photo

Overview Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has produced a good number of bands that have managed to hit it big around the world. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular of these, and …

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How to raise a musical child

Introduction: The Benefits of Music Having searched for this topic, you probably already know and appreciate the benefits that music education can offer, especially to young children with an actively-developing brain. Some examples of such benefits include stronger connections between …

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Easy sonatinas for piano students

easy sonatinas for piano students cover image

Introduction: the “Sonatina” A sonatina is a musical composition resembling a mini-sonata. Where a sonata is considered a sophisticated and relatively complex piece of music, a sonatina is a lot shorter, lighter in character, and less technically-demanding. In fact, composers …

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Famous Canadian Pianists

famous canadian pianists featured image

Introduction Over the years, Canada has produced its own share of pianistic talent. While some of these pianists have managed to gain world-wide fame and leave a lasting legacy in the world of music, others are still relatively young and …

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Best Age to Start Music Lessons

best age to start music lessons featured image

Introduction This is a question that all parents who want to get their little ones involved in music ask themselves at one point or another. Being a music school, you can imagine that we have come across this question on …

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Scale Fingering for Piano

scale fingering for piano

Introduction Scales and scale fingering can seem daunting to students starting out on the piano. But if we take a broad look at all piano scales, we discover that all scale fingering falls into one of only three patterns. Once …

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An Illustrated Guide to Child Guitar Sizes

child guitar sizes featured image

Introduction If your child is about to start guitar lessons, you might wonder what the right guitar size for them is, given all the available options. This guide is designed to help you answer this question, with lots of other …

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Online vs. In-Person Music Lessons

lesson formats cover photo

Introduction Like it or not, online learning is the new reality for millions of people around the world – and it’s here to stay! Music lessons have certainly not escaped this new trend, but the question many music teachers, students, …

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