Drum Lessons in Etobicoke


boy playing drumsWhether you want to play in a band, improve your sense of rhythm, or just enjoy yourself – there is no denying that drums are just an all-round fun instrument to play. In our studio, we incorporate real song tracks into our lessons so that you get a genuine playing experience! 


At 6, most children are grown enough to have a comfortable reach around the drums and are mentally ready to get the maximum benefit from their lessons. However, if your child is younger and you think they are ready to start, we would be happy to give them a free trial lesson and give you our recommendation.


Private lessons: these are one-on-one lessons with student and teacher. Private lessons are a great option for students looking for highly-focused and individualized music instruction. The teacher is able to give their full attention to one student and students normally progress faster in this setting.

Semi-private lessons: these lessons consist of two students per teacher. Semi-private lessons can be a budget-friendly option for parents with two children or two friends wanting to learn the same instrument together. The one obvious drawback is that students don’t receive as much focused and individualized attention from the teacher as they do with private lessons.


Students can choose from 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1-hour lessons. Small children generally start with 30-minute lessons and increase the duration as they get older and/or with the recommendation of their teacher.


drum books

We have a variety of drum books available to choose from and teachers also often use their own handouts during lessons. The teacher usually recommends a book based on the student’s individual goals and abilities. 


Our studio uses a top-quality electric drum kit with an amp. Students are able to connect their smartphones directly to the drum kit and play along with their favorite song.

Don’t have a drum kit? Talk to us or check out Long & McQuade. They offer both acoustic and electric drum kits for both sale and rent.

electric drum kit


Students can choose to drum to rock & roll, pop, jazz, or blues. We do it all! We also prepare students for the Royal Conservatory Percussion examinations.


Our teachers are all qualified professionals and passionate musicians. We do our best to match a student with a teacher that we think would best fit their musical goals as well as their personalities. We understand that while some students prefer a relaxed teaching approach, there are always those for whom a more strict approach is more effective. Students also have the option to request to change their teacher if they wish to do so. Learn more about our teachers on our Teachers Section.

Just fill out our quick trial lesson form and wait to hear from us within 1-2 business days. If you like your trial lesson, you can sign up for regular lessons with us! Our lessons are available online (Zoom or Skype) as well as in-person if you live close to our location. Start learning your favorite instrument with one of our amazing teachers today!